Technology is wonderful and extremely useful in our day to day lives.  With today being the first day of Fall, I thought about how quickly the summer passed.  While reflecting, I picked up my phone and scrolled through the pictures that have survived several edits (to save space for more pictures of course) to see how it slid by.  What a great summer full of fishing, clamming, cookouts, boating, gardening, playing in the sun, driftwood hunting, going to art shows… Oh, right, there it is.  Now I see where it went.

I soon found my way back to pictures of last fall.  While I hate to see summer go, pictures from last fall got me excited about some of the things we don’t usually enjoy during the hot months.  Time to clean up the green house and prepare for some fall and winter gardening.  The wood racks are full of wood I had put away for indoor and outdoor fires.  Time for football, stews, making hot wing sauce with the summer peppers and vegetables packaged away in the freezer, more fishing, and of course driftwood hunting and art shows.

Driftwood sculpture 01

We will kick off the fall art show season with ‘Autumn With Topsail’.  This will be our 5th year at this great event in South Topsail, so come out and join us for art, live music, and lots of fun.  More information can be found at

We are going to do at least one more show that I will have to post later as we are still considering our options.  Either way, a piece of wall art or custom sculpture is only a phone call away – we would love to hear from you!

Roy and Rebecca