For the Love of Metal

What better this month of Love, Valentines and Cupid’s Arrow than to be able to talk with Artist Roy Taylor about the “Why” behind his work with metal. What is it about this hard molecular material that allows such beauty to flow forth into his creations? And “How” does he transform such a cold, hard material from concept and design to finish with imagination, craftsmanship and creativiity? Clearly Roy’s work with metal is a  Labor of Love. 

“Metal is such a beautiful material. It is so diverse, varried and it’s application is virtually endless.”

Roy’s creations not only consist of Structural Art infused into a special aspect of a home like this “Hurricane” railing as he calls it,

Diverse Art, like this modern freestanding abstract sculpture

Or Coastal Art like the scene Roy created in an outdoor pool setting

“Each metal has its own reflective quality and beauty that glows from within” he says. The beauty can be brought out through various procedures done to the metals; polishing and patinas are among them.

“Patina’s,” Roy says “are a great way to diversify metal coloration’s.” Here Roy and his team applied a patina to mild steel aging it to a rusted finish. The inspiration of such Functional Art piece was the homeowners idea to recreate the look of an old boiler from a sunken steamship.

“To really use metal to it’s full potential, your have to have a knowledge base bigger than just metal,” he says. “It has to involve all the other materials you mix with. When you have the knowledge of different materials you are able to take creativity to a new level.”

Driftwood Sculpture