For a customer, having a custom driftwood wall sculpture made begins with picking the right piece of wood.  The customers for this sculpture waited patiently for over a year for us to find this magnificent piece of driftwood to fit their space.  This piece of wood was nearly completely covered in algae, mussels, and sandy mud.  It is a portion of the root base of a very large tree that grew in a river in Eastern North Carolina.

It is truly impressive how large the eroded bases of some of these old growth trees, now completely submerged in water and river bottom can be.  Their size and weight make them very difficult to handle.  The process of retrieving them is labor intensive and messy.  The outcome, however, is unique and beautiful.  This driftwood wall sculpture was finished with a very popular combination of polished stainless baitfish, copper lookdowns, and pasted minnows.  The pasted minnows have a combination of colors that can be adjusted to bring out other colors in the surrounding decor.

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