This oyster shell chandelier is a 24″ double waterfall, meaning it has two rows of free hanging oyster shells.  The inner ring has 40 strings of 4 shells measuring 16″.  The outer ring has 52 strings of 3 shells measuring 12 inches.  This makes for a nice layering effect.  There are 316 oyster shells on this chandelier!  Each shell is individually selected from the waterways of eastern North Carolina based on its shape, color and thickness.  These characteristics make all the difference in the final appearance of the chandelier.  If the shells are too dark, for example, they will not glow.  Instead they will block the light and you will not get the true essence an oyster chandelier has to offer.

All the shells go through a 3 step cleaning process by hand, after which they are sorted again for quality and set out to dry.  While it may seem we go a little too far with all the hand selecting and cleaning, we have realized not all oyster shell chandeliers are created equal.  If you examine most of the oyster fixtures on the market, the shells are thick and heavy.  Our processes allow for a more beautiful and superior product.

This chandelier is lit with 4 Edison style LED bulbs that are dimmable.  Height is adjustable for any ceiling, and the entire chandelier comes apart for shipping.  It is easily assembled on site for installation.  This chandelier weighs 30lbs.

Each of these chandeliers is hand made one at a time in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way at our studio in Wilmington, NC.  Additionally, we help support the North Carolina Coastal Federation.  The North Carolina Coastal Federation is a nonprofit organization that works with coastal residents and visitors to protect the beautiful and productive N.C. coast.

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