This set of stainless steel pool rails is truly on of a kind.  The design for the large pool rail was inspired by the client who wanted a rail to hold on to as you enter the pool.  It needed to be in the center of the wide steps entering the pool, and leave room for the cover that slides shut hiding and protecting the pool.  The two stair rails were then designed to reflect the appearance of the pool rail.

Once all the pieces were fabricated, they were polished and passivated for a beautiful resilient finish.  This series of steps is important for several reasons.  First, these stainless steel pool rails are outside, second they are at a house with a view of the ocean, and finally they are around a salt water pool.  All these factors lead to a highly corrosive environment.  To fight these elements, extra procedures were performed to remove surface contamination that occurs during fabrication.  Passivation is one of these procedures, and ensures these stainless steel pool rails will remain shiny and beautiful for years to come.