Three Tiered Oyster Shell Chandelier

In the right setting, the light an oyster shell chandelier broadcasts is unparalleled. This custom built waterfront home on Bald Head Island in Southeastern North Carolina is certainly the right setting!

The height of this home’s foyer allowed us to work with the client to design a shell chandelier with 3 levels of shells and 2 levels of bulbs. All of the hundreds of shells for this chandelier were collected from Southeastern North Carolina as well. The shells went through a detailed multi-step cleaning and sorting process during which they were individually selected for the chandelier based on size, shape and color. Each shell was then hand-drilled to accept the copper wire connecting them. Don’t forget to only drill 1 hole in the bottom shells for this light! The layers of shells on this light are free hanging – no bottom band. Since the shells hang lower than the bottom of the frame, this chandelier was very hard to transport, handle and install. The use of vintage style bulbs, also known as Edison, further accentuates the mellow glow produced by this chandelier. The frame is made from steel, and hangs from a chain. It certainly lights up this home!

Check out this stainless steel backsplash with sea turtles we produced for this home as well!