Polished Stainless Hog Snapper Wood Sculpture

When you mate superior metal work with fine wood craftsmanship, the possibilities are endless. The combination of woods coupled with the crisp clean look of polished stainless is striking. This particular piece uses a combination of maple, cherry and mahogany to add a warm finely finished backdrop.

Many companies work solely in either wood or metal. At R Mended Metals, we focus on both without sacrifice on either part. This allows us to plan and execute each piece with more detail. The real benefit belongs to the customer, who can now find design incorporating many different crafts including metal and wood at one place.

Creativity + skills + tools = possibilities. Call R Mended Metals to commission your custom piece today. Looking for a hog snapper in a metal other than stainless steel? Check out this rusted steel hog snapper in our online store