White Marlin Copper on Barn Wood

This White Marlin is made from copper and mounted on reclaimed barn wood from an old farm northeast of Raleigh, NC. (Check out how we recovered the barn wood here!) Our white marlin was designed to take to the White Marlin Open, the worlds largest billfish tournament. We were vendors at the tournament in 2014 and 2015 and wanted to make a special piece for the occasion. The warmth and finish of the copper coupled with the rugged distressed barn wood perfectly captured the look we wanted. 

Just like R Mended Metals, the White Marlin Open is family owned and operated. During the tournament, the family is there organizing, announcing, and selling t-shirts (lots of t-shirts!). Their business has thrived and, through their hard work and dedication, become the world’s largest tournament of its kind. That’s what inspired us to make this copper marlin special.

As it turns out this is a tall order the way we chose to fabricate this fish. Many of the processes that make this copper marlin different, special, and beautiful are unforgiving. Each process builds on the previous process. As a result, a failure during a process, or accidental scratch will likely not be repairable. So each copper fish we make, including this marlin, is a one shot deal.  Sure feels good when we hit the bull’s eye.

For a more detailed write-up on this project, check out our blog!